Other Analytics Web Services

There are several reputable companies offering analytics web services out there. Web analytics is the process of gathering and interpreting data from your website in an attempt to iron out problems and maximize your online business’s performance.

Most analytic services on the Internet offer the same basic functions: information about visitors to your website is collected and analyzed while the potential success of your site is assessed. There are two types of web analytics: on-site and off-site analysis. Most packages out there offer combination of both.

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On-site web analytics are the most widespread and measure session activities of users. One of the key factors that are measured are conversion rates. This refers to the proportion of visitors that fulfill the marketer’s goals such as file downloads, the generation of leads, or subscriptions, etc. An analytics service will also determine which landing pages are the most successful at generating sales. In other words, the main purpose of on-site analytics is to assess the commercial viability of your webpage. Information gathered is generally related to key performance indicators. The insight obtained can greatly improve the performance of a site because you can tweak your content and ad-campaigns towards a specific target audience, thus generating more subscriptions or sales.

Off-site web analytics plans quantify and interpret Internet data, irrespective of who owns or manages a domain. The main objective of off-site analytics is to measure the potential that a website has to generate traffic: is there a buzz? How visible is this domain?

Because most Internet analytics plans combine on-site and off site services, you can be sure that you will be equipped with the necessary data to further your webpage’s goals and general performance. The data is tested against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the website, which is a way to gauge the present level of success. This data is used to improve the functioning of the site software. Insight gathered from the analysis allows you to adjust your content and ad-campaigns, making them more appropriate to your customer’s needs. After all, a happy visitor means more money in your virtual pocket.