Top Three SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Most small businesses now realise that an online presence, i.e. a website, is crucial if they wish to stay relevant in this modern digital age. However, once you’re online, it can be difficult for your target market to actually find your website. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization steps in and lends a helping hand.

These three SEO tips will help you create and manage a successful website for your small business:

  1. Meta Tag & Meta Description: A Meta tag refers to the text that you will see at the top of your webpage’s tab when it is open in an internet browser. The Meta description is the short excerpt shown to users when your webpage pops up as part of the organic search results. It is always a good idea to use relevant keywords in both the Meta tag and the Meta description of every webpage on the website.
  2. Optimum Keyword Density: Always try to use your chosen keywords within the content in the most natural way possible. Try not to use a particular keyword or key phrase too much because then search engines recognise this as a type of “spammy website”. When doing SEO, use your chosen selection of keywords about twice or thrice per post.
  3. Check for Imitators: One of the unlucky downfalls of the internet is that it makes it relatively easy for some people to copy other people’s work. Make sure that you periodically check to see whether has copied your content verbatim from your website using any of the online tools available. If you neglect to do then then duplicates of your content may actually negatively affect your SEO efforts.